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Twitter Tips for Event Planners

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Web 2.0 is here to stay. Have you joined the conversation? If not, you’re in the minority. Do a quick search of your three favorite companies, stores or restaurants and you’ll surely see a little “F” or “T” somewhere on their website. If not, take to Google to find the company’s Facebook page or Twitter handle pop up in one of the top search results. What are these channels’ purposes in the real world—e.g. event planning? Here are some tips for using social media as a ladder for taking your event to the top.

The @Handle and #Hashtag

Crucial components to an event’s Twitter success, the handle’s purpose is representing your company or association. You do not need to create a new handle for the event, yet alone a handle for the event each year.  If you don’t have a handle in the first place, now is the time to get one! Just make sure you’re posting content regularly and responding to your followers.

The hashtag is used as the “tag” attendees can attach to each tweet so that searches can effectively return the current buzz around the event. Hashtags are best kept short and work well with a year incorporated. Plus, you can use the same hashtag year after year, but just change the numbers to correspond.

Know Your Audience

Twitter is wonderful and all, but before diving into this channel, it’s important to evaluate your audience. Are they are Twitter? Social channels? Socially inept? Make sure you’re promoting your event through the appropriate social channels. Go where you know they are first, then if you must, lead them to where you want to promote, i.e. Twitter.

Don’t be a Robot

People don’t want to follow a boring tweeter. Yes, they’ll follow your company for news, but make it fun and interactive for your audience. Ask questions, start discussion topics and engage, engage, engage! Twitter users are more often than not very social people looking to connect. Take this opportunity to form online relationships, which leads to the next tip.

Build Event/Brand Ambassadors

One of the best things about Twitter is the exponential rate that news can spread. Retweets are a quick and easy way to pass along that message too. If you’re tweeting relevant, noteworthy content on the event, your fans (followers) are likely to share (retweet) it with their followers and so on and so forth.

Here at the hotel, we love to chat with groups and are no strangers to answering questions, resolving issues and just chatting about the city in general. Don’t be afraid to reach out as a resource or to point your attendees towards us too! You can reach our Sales Team at 312 239 4540 or and you can always tweet @Hyattchicago. Happy tweeting!

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