StayFit Chicago: Healthy Choices at Chicago Gourmet

Chicago Gourmet ChefsWhile the colder weather may acknowledge to you that it’s finally OK to put on a few more pounds, Chicago may still surprise you with an 80 degree day. Keep on the right track until the end of the month and through this weekend at Chicago Gourmet.

Here are our tips for keeping it healthy at fests like Chicago Gourmet:

Shrimp is your friend. One medium shrimp is just 6 calories. If a single digit number like that is enough to inspire you to eat twenty of them, go right ahead!

Go with red wine. While Chicago Gourmet is stocked with many adult beverage choices, red wine has about 25 calories per ounce. At a typical 4 ounces per glass, it won’t do you too much harm. Plus red wine packs health benefits to boot!

When in doubt, go for color. The more color to a food, the less processed and the more nutrients that it possesses. Although the point of Chicago Gourmet is to nosh on some of the best dishes from the best chefs, sometimes its nice to throw in a few raw, colorful fruits or vegetables too.

Don’t stop walking. Chicago Gourmet is pretty big, spanning Millennium Park, so use the stretch to move your feet. You’ll burn off calories from that delicious foi gras you just ate and work up an appetite for more.

Space out your dining. Chicago Gourmet offers so much more than food. Check out the schedule of events to pick out a demonstration where you can learn some techniques.

You’re more than welcome at Hyatt Regency Chicago, 151 East Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60601; +1 312 565 1234.