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Green Meetings Done Right

Hyatt Hotels Corporation and Hyatt Regency Chicago are committed to the environmental cause. To further that commitment, we’ve extended our green meetings program called Meet and Be Green. Follow our 10 steps to a Green Meeting and you’ll save 3% off your master bill when your qualified meeting at participating Hyatt Hotels and Resorts is held and booked by March 31, 2012. This program asks…read more
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Power of the Conference Speaker

Posted By: Jennifer Kedinger, Social Media Marketing Manager at Hyatt Regency Chicago Contact: Twitter | LinkedIn When researching continuing education events to attend what do you look for first? I tend to search out who’s on the agenda, where have they been, what have they done and what can they teach me. So, when my colleague referred me to EventCamp and…read more
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Leap Year Traditions

Leap Day: February 29, 2012
Ahh, the Leap Year. Seeing that this day comes but once every four years, it makes writing “2/29” very special. Julius Caesar introduced February 29 over 2,000 years ago because of the additional 5 hours 49 minutes each year in the earth’s orbit of the sun. The date only occurs in years divisible by 4 and 400, with the exception…read more