This Just In: Your Favorite Publications at Your Fingertips

Do you enjoy reading the front page news with your morning coffee? Perhaps you prefer catching up on celeb gossip after a hard day’s work? Maybe you are more of a crossword junkie? It’s easy to miss those conveniences of home while on the road but we’re hoping to limit any disruptions in your everyday routine. That’s why we’re introducing a whole new way to access your favorite publications while traveling with the PressReader app.


What is PressReader?

PressReader is a digital publication distributor offering thousands of local, national and international newspapers and magazines on your mobile device and it’s completely FREE for you to use. Choose from dozens of categories in multiple languages and download in a breeze. If you have a favorite print publication, chances are you will find it on PressReader.


How can I access?

  1. Connect to @Hyatt_Wi-Fi
  2. Download the PressReader app from your mobile device or visit from a laptop computer
  3. Browse and select your title
  4. Enjoy!