Green Meeting Space at Hyatt Regency Chicago

Green Meeting Space in Chicago Illinois

Hyatt Regency Chicago is making a concerted effort to take care of the planet. Regular green initiatives include dedicated water and energy conservation, and a rigorous recycling program.

Additionally, the hotel uses environmentally-sensitive cleaning products, high-efficiency hand-dryers instead of paper towels in public restrooms, and a paperless check-in/check-out process that saves 500,000 sheets of paper each year. What’s more, our downtown Chicago hotel is extending this to the corporate side of things by implementing a green meeting space. Businesses are encouraged to do their part by following 10 simple steps to help the environment, such as print locally, ship less, eliminate disposable products like water bottles, set meeting room temperatures at a comfortable level, and plan ahead to reduce the use of last-minute resources. As an incentive, Hyatt Regency Chicago is offering a promotion entitled “Meet and Be Green.” Those companies who commit to taking these 10 steps to reduce their environmental impact will save 3% on their meeting costs. The promotion ends March 31, 2012. For more information, call the Sales Department at 312-239-4540 or email


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