Maggie Daley Park Climbing Wall

Maggie Daley Park is one of our most favorite additions to the neighborhood and we have a feeling it will soon be on the top of your list too. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it while passing along Lakeshore Drive or perhaps you’ve even paid the park a visit to test your ice-skating skills on the ribbon over the winter. This season, however, we’re celebrating the opening of another wonder of the park…

The Climbing Wall

Maggie Daley Park’s rock climbing wall officially opens for the season on April 12th! Amateurs and enthusiasts alike will take delight in ascending up one of two massive rock walls, which are divided by skill level and methods of climbing. Here are some fast facts to let you know just how cool this place is:

  • The structure is so large that it can accommodate up to 100 climbers at any given time
  • Lakeshore Sport & Fitness manages the wall and offers classes and certification courses
  • The surface area of the wall is 19,000 square feet and the tallest peak reaches 40 feet
  • Three types of climbing are offered: bouldering, lead-harnessed and top rope.

The climbing wall is open for the season through October.

If you aren’t into heights or climbing, don’t fret. Maggie Daley Park offers so much more to see and do for the entire family, including:

Maggie Daley Park is located within walking distance from Hyatt Regency Chicago, situated along Columbus Drive, between East Randolph and East Monroe.