Month: February 2014

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F^3 Events Pulaski 10K

Who said you couldn't enjoy an outdoor run in Chicago during the winter time? It’s the perfect way to get a head-start on your 2014 Spring running season. F^3 Event’s Pulaski 10K offers the perfect opportunity to tie up your favorite pair of running shoes, zip up your running jacket, and relish in a last chance to enjoy Chicago’s cold fresh air hitting your face along the lakefront.
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Thirsty Thursday at Stetsons Modern Steak + Sushi

This week's Thirsty Thursday pick is Amy's very own recipe - a delicious Homemade Apricot Cello. All you'll need are fresh apricots, local North Shore Vodka and a little simple syrup. Simply pour the vodka over fresh apricots with a bit of simple syrup in a glass container. Cover and refrigerate. For best results, let the combination marinate for three weeks. Amy's Homemade Apricot Cello is best served chilled and perfect for the Spring!
Meet + Celebrate, Stay + Socialize

American Heart Association of Chicago

Each month we’ll offer a donation to a local charity in an effort to help save lives, protect the environment, educate children, improve our economy and promote health and wellness – and YOU can help! For every “like” on a select Facebook post, we’ll donate funds, goods or service to a select local charity. This month, in honor of American Heart Month, our selected charity is American Heart Association of Chicago.